History -                           GBN Systems

gbn-logo-wandel•    January 2014:
GBN Systems celebrates 25th anniversary

 •    June 2012:
Re-launch of the new GBN website

•    January 2012:
Start of the CFI R&D project

•    Sept. 2011:
First in-house exhibition at GBN Systems

•    July 2010:
New partners at GBN: evo-partners GmbH, consulting-standards GmbH, as before: Max Bichlmaier, Siegfried Förg, Stefan Förg;

•    March 2010:
Start of the itm-Re-SCT co-operation project;

•    May 2008:
Development of our "Smart Point" information terminal;

•    January 2008:
Development of our "lit-up" safety light for Nordic Walking;

•    Dec. 2007:
Completion of ISO certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 with receipt of the certificate

•    May 2007:
Start of the realisation of the ISO certification;

•    Jan. 2007:
Establishment of a sales company for Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy: 4XTechnologies GmbH in Schwoich/Tyrol

•    Dec. 2006:
Enhancement of precision machining shop: acquisition of a 4th machining centre for 5 axis machining, one 3D measuring machine as well as two 2 CAD/CAM workstations

•    Apr. 2004:
Start of sales activities in China

•    Jun. 2002:
Founding of GBN Systems USA in Sterling Heights (Detroit), Michigan

•    Sept. 2001:
For the first time, at GBN Systems, two trainees begin their apprenticeships as Industrial Mechanics in the department of precision machining

•    Sept. 2001:
Renaming the company to GBN Systems GmbH

•    July 1998:
Launching the first GBN website

•    Aug. 1995:
Relocation to Buch am Buchrain and renaming the company to GBN Gerätebau GmbH

•    Feb. 1995:
Start of construction of the new company building in Buch am Buchrain

•    Oct. 1993:
Decision to construct a new factory

•    Jan. 1992:
Completion of the first R&D orders

•    Apr. 1991:
Founding of the 'GBN precision machining shop

•    Nov. 1989:
Establishment of the GmbH (limited liability company)

•    Oct. 1988:
Establishment of the company and registration at the registry court under the name of GBN Gerätebau Neupullach by Siegfried Förg