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Industry meeting at GBN Systems GmbH: mechatronics for medical technology

The production of electrical and precision engineering devices as well as individual components up to complete sub-assemblies and machines is a great challenge for medical technology companies.

As part of an industry get-together at GBN Systems in Buch am Buchrain near Munich, case studies of best practice examples were presented. The potential of various possibilities in the development and production of mechatronic devices and modules have been also discussed. As an experienced electrical and precision engineering company, GBN Systems realizes product ideas up to series production since 25 years.

Steffen Schuster, member of the Board of Directors of ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG, described the cooperation in the development together with GBN Systems for a device in the area of nuclear medicine: To prevent restenosis (which is the re-closure of a blood vessel), the narrowed artery is expanded with a balloon catheter - then it is passable again. Unlike other recovery methods, the affected vessel wall is treated with a radioactive fluid, which contains the radioisotope Rhenium-188. This is briefly introduced into the balloon catheter and therefore this prevents the re-closure of the blood vessel much more effective than other methods of treatment.

The Managing Director of SurgicEye GmbH, Dr. Joerg Traub explained a technical system in the intraoperative imaging and navigation: The declipseSPECT freehandSPECT technology is used for detection, navigation and removal of the sentinel lymph node in breast cancer, melanoma and tumors of the head/neck area. Also more tumor-specific, surgical issues are already being tested. The declipseSPECT system allows a more sensitive, safer and gentler surgery.

A third example for a successful cooperation together with GBN Systems, itm AG and Oliver Buck, Executive Partner of evo-partners GmbH: the product CFI (Contamination Free Interface) could be implemented. It offers safe handling of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals in aseptic and clinical environment. The CFI can be used as a technical system in various fields such as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, in biotechnology as well as in hospital. It is the only system for the transfer of liquid, which is simple in operation and which enables a safe, contamination-free connection of tubing.